24 May, 2024

Contact Us

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This ‘Contact Us’ form can also be used to reach out to Online Peeps Fact Check team to verify any information you believe needs to be fact-checked. Or, you can email us at hello@onlinepeeps.co or WhatsApp at +918848595099.

The Fact Check team at Online Peeps is always on the lookout for any news/social media posts where false information has been shared as a fact, or correct information is being shared as incorrect. A few examples of posts we take up are:

  1. We verify claims made by directors/people in important positions in the industry.
  2. Information being shared against or in favour of Actors/Actresses which appear untrue.
  3. Posts by Facebook pages/Twitter handles spreading hatred using fake information Scams/Rumours which can cause fear or panic among people.
  4. Misinformation on health or even related to business/economy.